Tuesday, September 14, 2010

0025> Futuristic movie timeline

future, futurism, earth, timeline, chart, movie, hollywood, robocop, alien, matrix, star trek, dune, idiocracy, rollerball, blade runner, v for vendetta, pop culture, the fifth element, logan's run, sci-fi

0024> How to make shadow puppets

shadow puppets, hands, boredom, goose, wolf, dog, donkey, butterfly, hare, ox, goat, flashlights, sleepover, kids, children

0023> Periodic table of condiments

periodic table, condiments, science, chart, mayo, honey, miracle whip, chocolate, foodie, soy sauce, BBQ, tartar, sauce, expiration dates, soy sauce, tabasco

0022> Friends with benefits prospectus

friends, friends with benefits, chart, prospectus, portfolio, relationships,  summary, stress, emotions, DTF, doin' it, talking, listening, marriage, couples

0021> TV broadcasts in space

TV, broadcasts, distance, space, radio waves, television, aliens, extraterrestrial, civilizations, watching TV,  seinfeld, miami vice, family guym cops, star trek, munsters, apple

0020> Emotions and facial expressions

emotions, chart, facial expressions, angry, culture, sociology, masks, eyebrows, eyelids, graph, lips, mouth, relaxed, feelings, dilated, pupils, head, smile, glance, eyes

0019> How much will this tattoo hurt?

chart, tattoo, pain, threshold, ink, place, body, hurt,  pain-o-meter, scratches, piercing

0018> Causes of death chart

causes of death, dying, chart, ages, cancer, heart disease, suicide, hypertension, liver, HIV, prostate, preventative care, insurance

0017> Shiatsu self massage

shiatsu, self massage, japanese, technique, relaxation, energy flow, overview, confidence,, chart, anxiety, jet lag, eye fatigue, tension, muscles, relief, finger pressure

0016> How many people were killed in the bible?

killed, people, bible, god, satan, christians, catholic, religion, graph

0015> Chemical formula for drugs

chemical, formula, drugs, chemistry, DMT, DMX, LSD, shrooms, drugs, PCP, heroin, nicotine, THC, MDMA, learning, chart, chemical compounds

0014>Google cheat sheet

google, cheat sheet, operator, services, tools, chart, short cuts, investments, blogs, search, operators, internet, search engine

0013> 2008 US Election results by IQ

2008, U.S., election, results, IQ, american, electorate, United States, voting, Barack Obama, John McCain, voter, chart

0012> Spotting a hidden hand gun

spotting, hidden, hand gun, handgun, weapon, concealed, gait, conscious, clothing, jacket, uneven, holster, guns, weight, clipped, swing, waistband, bulge, style, clothes, secret service

0011> Computer hardware chart CPU

computer, hardware, chart, CPU, processor, hacker, hard drive, port, desktop, RAM, AMD/INTEL, apple, parallel, socket, pin, IDE, IDE/CF, SAS, SCSI, scuzzy, peripheral, cards, card slots, DVI power, connector, AT ATX laptop DIMM RDRAM PC100 SIPP SIMM 200 204 144 72 pin 144 pin DIPP 3.5" data 68 relay USB

0010> Leading church bodies religion map

leading, church, bodies, religion, map, united states, U.S., methodist, lutheran, latter-day saints, mormons, baptist, catholic, christian, adventist, angelican, pentecostal, orthodox

0009> Political points of view

political, viewpoints, optimist, realist, capitalist, conspiracist, nihilst, pessimist, idealist, communist, sexist, opportunist, ideals, politics, half-full, half-empty, glass 

0008> Length of beard chart


beard, length, chart, facial, hair, hitler, butler, selleck, warlord, sea, captain, grandpa, wizard, super facial, beards

0007> Deadliest drugs in UK vs. Press coverage

deadliest, drugs, chart, UK, drug, poisoning, deaths, heroin, morphine, alcohol, methdone, anti-depressants, pills, cannibis, aspirin, ecstasy, solvents, SSRI, prozac

0006> How to make a homemade tear gas mask

how-to, homemade, tear, gas, mask, tear-gas, teargas, soda, bottle, two, liter, rubber, strip, foam, vinegar, cut, elastic, litre, poison

0005> How to make cheating dice

how-to, cheating, dice, rolling, microwave, bake, oven, numbers, melts, cooking, cook

0004> Hand signals chart

combat, hand, signals, chart, military, soldier, machine, gun, fingers, signal, close, range, engagement, operations, freeze, rally, point, area, formation, point, entry

0003> How to make a mini Abe Lincoln shirt

dollar, bill, lincoln, abe, abraham, honest, shirt, t-shirt, tshirt, folding, american, money, fold, trick, mini, steps, how-to, five

0002> How to hot wire a car

hotwire, wire, car, hood, automobile, coil, red, v8, positive, battery, coil, power, solenoid

0001> Shoe Lace Methods

bow, feet, gym, kicks, knot, knots, lace, laces, lattice, loop, riding, sawtooth, shoe, shoelace, shoes, sneakers, tie, trainers, twistie, checkerboard, ladder, tying, hash, footbag, bushwalk, zipper, kicks, trainers